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Creating a single-node Elixir/Phoenix web app with Commanded & Postgres.

This post (series?) is intended to walk the reader through installing, configuring Commanded for use in a single-node Phoenix web app backed by Postgres. Commanded is a CQRS/Event Sourcing library for Elixir. It can use Postgres as a backing event store o…

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Postgres-fu: Electric Boogaloo

The problem I was faced with implementing a dashboard on a recent project. The client asked to see their data sliced up by category along with running monthly and yearly breakdowns. The data to an approximation looked like this: There are Posts and Reject…

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Avoiding Memory Leaks in Backbone.js

Backbone.js is a fairly minimal JavaScript framework when you compare it to its more full-featured cousins like Ember or Angular. It can be a rude suprise when Backbone suddenly leaves you on your own when you were expecting to have a helping hand. There …

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